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Your PHONE, HANDBAG and it's CONTENTS covered from just £9 a month. Miles cheaper than phone-only insurance. Insure YOUR handbag today!

A few years ago one of our founders had her handbag stolen. Swine!
Her insurance would only cover the replacement phone and not make-up, perfume, camera or cash that she carried! All in all it was worth hundreds of pounds....

The idea for Insuremyhandbag.com was born.

Press releases

Stolen Handbag acts as a Catalyst For Launch of Unique Handbag Contents...

Bristol, United Kingdom, 17th September 2013 Launching on the 30th September online in both desktop and mobile formats, insuremyhandbag.com will... read more

Press Release • 17.09.2013 • By insuremyhandbag.com